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Dutchman's gold beehive education extravaganza!

Empower Yourself with Beehive Wisdom
Unleash the secrets of the beehive with Dutchman's Gold, your ultimate guide to beehive wonders. Get ready to dive into a world of science and enchantment as we unravel the mysteries of these incredible creatures- honeybees. Join us for an exclusive training session where you'll have the chance to meet the beekeeper's daughter and co-owner herself!
Retailer Training that Transforms
Prepare to be amazed! The beehive is a treasure trove of natural wonders that extend far beyond honey. From bee pollen and propolis to royal jelly and beeswax, these superfoods have captured the imagination of health-conscious individuals everywhere. As the demand for sustainable sweeteners and conscious consumption grows, more and more consumers are seeking products that not only nourish their bodies but also contribute to a sustainable planet.
Unraveling the Beehive's Secrets
Unlock the full potential of the beehive with the daughter of the Canadian founding beekeeper, a nutritional practitioner, and a visionary entrepreneur. Immerse yourself in the remarkable story of Dutchman's Gold, spanning from its humble beginnings in 1981 to its thriving present-day success.
Expand Your Knowledge
In this enlightening session, you'll discover:

• The fascinating journey of our founder and how Dutchman's Gold has flourished over the years.
• Why honey reigns supreme as the number one sweetener among wellness seekers.
• The extraordinary healing properties of propolis and its role in throat remedies.
• Unveiling nature's multivitamin: Which beehive superfood holds this incredible title?
• Harnessing the power of beehive ingredients for your overall wellness.
• Unveiling the best beehive ingredients for skincare and the science behind their effectiveness.
• Why a bee-friendly promise matters and how it impacts our planet.

Don't miss this golden opportunity to be part of the beehive revolution! Register today and become an esteemed member of Dutchman's Gold Education Events.


Upcoming 2024 live and virtual 60 min education sessions

WEBINAR Topic: Discover the Hidden Gems of Beehive Ingredients for Wellness

Wednesday February 7th 11am EST

CHFA West – Live Education Session – details and registration information to follow - Wednesday April 3rd

In booth for Q&A CHFA West: April 3-5th
More info at the CHFA site here - www.chfanow.ca/vancouver/schedule/

Wednesday June 12th – SAVE THE DATE - Annual Dutchman’s Gold Retailer Honey, Maple and Bee Pollen Production Tour and Beehive wellness walk, sampling and education*Each webinar is approx. 60 mins with time for Q&A at the end. Details to follow by invitation only!!!

*Free product sent to first time attendees.
*Notes and recording will be sent to all registrants.


Angela Van Alten/Ysseldyk, a second-generation entrepreneur and co-owner of Dutchman's Gold, is on a remarkable journey to spread the goodness of the beehive. With a deep-rooted connection as the eldest daughter of the original 1981 beekeeper founders, Angela has spent 25 years as a Certified Nutritional Practitioner, and working for top nutraceutical companies and health food retail helping Canadians achieve optimal wellness. Her unique blend of business acumen, nutritional expertise, and unwavering passion for beehive goodness fuels her mission to empower people to lead extraordinary lives. Taking the role of Co-Owner, working alongside her husband, and serving as the Director of Spreading Beehive Goodness for Dutchman's Gold, Angela is creating quite a stir within the industry.

About the host

Mark Ysseldyk is the Vice President and co-owner of Dutchman's Gold, a leading provider of beehive wellness products. With a strong background in the health and wellness industry, Mark's career began with GNC while studying business. He established a successful five-store nutrition chain in the GTA and later founded Bee Buzz, an influential online community promoting beehive wellness globally. Mark's 20-year career in natural health includes developing and launching various natural health products and brands. As a dedicated family man, Mark is married to Angela Van Alten/Ysseldyk, the second-generation owner of Dutchman's Gold, and together they are proud parents of two children. His expertise, dedication, and commitment to a healthier lifestyle make him a valuable asset to Dutchman's Gold, empowering individuals to embrace a natural and holistic approach to wellness.

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