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Mind Your Bees Food Wraps


We all have a role to play in combatting the reliance on harmful, single-use plastics. 

With our Mind Your Bees Food Wraps, not only are you combating waste, but you’re saving money and the environment as well.

Our wraps can be used as a reusable food wrapper to help extend the life of fruits, vegetables, herbs, leftovers and baked goods.

Here's how they work:

Mind Your Bees Food Wraps are eco-friendly, washable and non-toxic.

Simply warm the reusable food wrap in your hand to make it malleable and flexible. Then fold them around foods, storage containers, bowls or use them as snack bags! 

Use Your Food Wraps For:

  • Storing cut foods like avocados, apples, lemons or even onions
  • Storing and preserving cheese
  • Dramatically extending the life of fresh herbs and other greens
  • Covering bowls and leftovers

Say goodbye to plastic wrap, save money and help the environment!

How sweet is that?

    100% cotton, beeswax, pine resin and jojoba oil.

    Wash with cold water and air dry.  Store your wraps folded in a drawer, no wringing. Use natural dish soap with a soft sponge when needed and avoid heat.

    Variety Pack Includes:  SM: 8X8  MED: 10X10 LG: 13X14