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Bee Pollen Magic Smoothie Bowl

Bee Pollen Magic Smoothie Bowl

Recipe submitted by @katkrivanenutrition

With the long weekend approaching, we know many of you will be taking a few days off to relax and enjoy. So we are switching things up this week and are sharing our weekly recipe post with all of you TODAY!

@katkrivanenutrition has shared with us her BEE POLLEN MAGIC Smoothie Bowl recipe and it looks AMAZING! If you're looking for a change up in your meals or snacks, you will definitely want to give this recipe a try. 

- 1 cup almond milk (give or take a bit depending on consistency you like)
- 1/4 cup greek yogurt (or dairy free alternative)
- 1 cup frozen cherries 
- 1/2 cup frozen strawberries 
- 1 small banana 
- 1 handful of spinach

Blend all ingredients together.

Top with:
- Fresh cherries 
@dutchmansgold Bee Pollen
- Chia seeds
- Hemp seeds
- Coconut flakes


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