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Dutchman's Gold Honey Gift Set

There's so much goodness to choose from, why limit yourself? Our Dutchman’s Gold honey gift box offers an assortment of five varieties of our most popular gourmet Canadian honey and comes complete with a bee-utiful honey spoon!

Giving honey as a gift sets you apart as someone who thinks outside the hive. Give a unique gift that is delicious, 100% Canadian and has been locally made by our family for almost 40 years.

Grab yourself one while you’re at it and treat yourself to the nutritious benefits of our local honey!

Gift set includes:

  • Summer Blossom Honey - 150g
  • Wildflower Honey - 150g
  • Raw Honey - 150g
  • Buckwheat Honey - 150g
  • Blueberry Honeys - 150g
  • 1 Honey dipper