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Beauty & the Bee: Daily Moisturizer


From our hands to yours, Beauty & the Bee Moisturizer cream contains all-natural ingredients strong enough to moisturizer your skin, and gentle enough for everyday use. The secret lies in the natural power of bee-hive sourced ingredients, including raw honey, royal jelly and propolis.

Whether you are looking for a day cream, night cream, or a full body cream, you can show your skin you care with Beauty and the Bee Daily Moisturizer.

Aqua, Squalan, Ceteryl Olivate, Sorbitan Olivate, Ceteary Alcohol, Lanolin, Olea europaea (Olive Fruit Oil), Glyceryl Stearate, Propolis Extract, Tocopherol, Glycerin, Abies balsamea (Balsam) Extract, Honey, St. John's Wort (Hypericum perforatum Extract), Sodium Gluconate, Bee Pollen, Disodium Hydrogen Citrate, Royal Jelly, Xanthan Gum, Abies balsamea (Balsam Fir) Oil, Ethanol, Benzyl Alcohol, Salicylic Acid, Sorbic Acid

Apply daily to face or body. Apply more frequently for drier skin.


Q - How often do I apply the Daily Moisturizer and how much do I use each time?

A - Beauty and the Bee Daily Moisturizer is best used as a daily cream. You can however use it very liberally. I simply use my fingers to apply it and depending on how dry my skin is, I apply a generous amount to my face and simply rub in as needed. Start out with a small dab to test that your skin tolerates it and then increase from there. I apply the Daily Moisturizer both as a day and night cream.  Use it twice a day for best results.

Q - What is the ratio/amounts of raw honey, royal jelly, bee pollen and propolis in the Daily Moisturizer cream?

A - This information is proprietary and is part of the secret recipe which is used to create the Daily Moisturizer and yields the amazing results we obtain with it. As a result, we are unable to publish this exact information about the formula which has taken years of experimentation and testing to perfect.