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Royal Jelly Powder


Concentrated for increased potency, Dutchman’s Gold adds versatility to the wellness benefits of royal jelly! 

Royal Jelly enhances both physical and mental performance unlike any other supplement.

Get creative with this convenient, all-natural powder by adding it to smoothies and fresh juices or baked goods! Alternatively, you can add our Royal Jelly Powder to a liquid honey for a unique taste that combines the best of what Canadian beehives offer.

Freeze dried royal jelly contains 4 – 6% the 10-HAD. In other words, double the active ingredient found in fresh royal jelly!

100% Royal Jelly powder (freeze dried), rice powder. Guaranteed 4 - 6% 10-HDA.

Gluten Free.

One serving = 1/2 teaspoon

Q - How much Royal Jelly 3X do you recommend taking each day?

A - We recommend taking 1/4 to 1/2 teaspoon per day mixed in juice, honey or a smoothie. Or, if you are tough, you can ingest it straight! (it has a strong taste) If you are treating a health condition, you can take greater amounts than this.

Q - How big is the serving size of the Royal Jelly 3X?

A - A single serving dose is 1/4 teaspoon. One quarter teaspoon of our 3 X concentrate is the equivalent of one half teaspoon of our regular, raw royal jelly.

Q - What is 10-HDA and why is it important in a royal jelly product?