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Beeswax Votives


With over ten hours of burn time, our 100% pure beeswax, Canadian-made votive candles are perfect for every-day relaxation!

Our non-toxic, non-allergenic Beeswax Votives are designed to enhance the little moments of relaxation throughout your day, like soaking in the tub, a romantic meal at home, or a summer evening on the patio.

You won’t need to clean up after this mess-free candle.  Unlike paraffin, soy, and veggie wax, our all-natural beeswax votives will not drip wax.

So, relax as you enjoy the sweet, non-allergenic fragrance of these 100% Canadian beeswax candles!

Each candle is 2 inches high and tapered from 1.5 inches at the base to 2 inches in diameter at the top.

Canadian beeswax, cotton


Q - Do beeswax candles drip?

A - No, beeswax does not drip when it burns.

Q - Burn Time?

A - 10+ hours per candle