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Beeswax Hand Dipped Taper


Feeling stressed? Need a moment to yourself to just… breathe?

Relax and purify the air around you with our 100% pure beeswax, hand-dipped taper candles. 

The sweet, natural aroma of our unscented, pure beeswax candles will bring you back to simpler times, ease your mind and offer total relaxation.

Non-toxic and non allergenic, our traditional hand-dipped beeswax candles look great on any table!

Available in 6 or 10 inches, these candles are a Canadian-made product that offer ten hours of burn time.

Canadian beeswax, cotton


Q - Do beeswax candles drip?

A - No, beeswax does not drip when it burns. 

Q - Burn Time?

A - 10+ hours