Propolis Chunks

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Opening a jar of propolis chunks is the closest thing to grabbing it straight from the hive – which we do not recommend!

Instead, do yourself a favour and promote your overall health with these raw, unprocessed chunks of propolis.

Chew raw propolis to make the most of its anti-bacterial properties and benefit your oral health.


100% raw propolis.

Consume 1 chunk daily. Consult your natural health practitioner for additional guidance on use.

Keep propolis chunks cool. Best stored in the fridge. 


Q - What is the best way to consume raw propolis chunks?

A - I suggest you simply chew the propolis chunks like gum. Chew it for as long as you can. By chewing the propolis you get a couple of benefits - you are consuming propolis in its most natural, raw form and your saliva glands will do most of the absorption. By chewing propolis, you are also doing your mouth, particularly your gums, a huge benefit. Propolis is very antibacterial and there is a tremendous amount of bacteria in our mouths.

Q - Can I swallow the propolis chunks whole?

A - Yes, you can but swallowing propolis whole will reduce the time that your stomach has to extract the potent enzymes and bioflavonoids from the raw chunks. It is best to chew them first and then swallow.  You can also put a chunk into a ziploc bag and gently pound it into tiny pieces.  You can then mix with a beverage and drink it that way with no chewing.

Q - How many chunks should I chew daily?

A - For general health, chew 1 - 3 chunks daily or as recommended by a health care practitioner. More can be consumed for therapeutic purposes.

Q - How much propolis is in each chunk?

A - Each propolis chunk is different in size but the chunks generally range in size from 500 mg's to 1000 mg's in weight. There will be chunks smaller and larger than this in each bottle but the majority are in this range. 

Q - If I chew the chunks and I end up with propolis on my teeth, how do I remove the dark resins?

A - Brushing your teeth with Coconut Oil and Baking Soda is an effective remedy for this.