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What began in 1981 with 300 hives and a dream to offer the finest Canadian honey products to the world has become so much more...

Dutchman's Gold

With almost four decades of experience perfecting the craft of delivering unpasteurized, award winning natural honey products to your table, you could say that we’ve come a long way. From humble beginnings in 1981, the Van Alten family launched Dutchman’s Gold locally, selling bottled honey off the front porch of the family home and in local farmer’s markets. We now offer dozens of honey and bee products globally.

honey from Canadian bees

Premium Canadian Honey, offering several varieties from various floral sources.


We are committed to plastic free, sustainable packaging. You’ll find almost everything we offer in packaging you can be proud of.

Purity You Can Trust

Our honey is always unpasteurized and processed minimally to preserve as much goodness as possible. We work closely with our beekeepers and partners to ensure integrity is maintained in all of our products. You can take comfort knowing that we are Kosher, Halal, HACCP and Organic certified. 


Founded in 1981 by John & Annie Van Alten in Carlisle, Ontario. Started with 300 hives & a dream.


Began selling at Guelph Farm Market & the front porch of the Van Alten house.

Honey was only the start

In addition to honey, we sell bee pollen, royal jelly, propolis, beeswax candles, soaps, creams and more. We also process and bottle Maple Syrup
Founder and Master Beekeeper

Paving a path for the future.

Today we have 24 employees & approximately 2,500 hives across southern Ontario. We pollinate buckwheat fields in Manitoba, and blue berry fields in New Brunswick.

In 2016 we were ready to react to our newfound levels of demand and opted for an expansion.

We now have two locations in Flamborough: a Maple Syrup processing facility in Carlisle–Beekeeping and a  honey packaging plant in Puslinch. We are federally inspected by CFIA and currently going through HACCP certification.

We greatly enjoy making life sweeter for our customers and look forward to future endeavours. 


2016 Winner

National Post Blind Taste Test

2012 Winner

Fred Rathje Award Winner