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Thentix Touch of Honey Skin Conditioner 56 g

Please note that Thentix recently changed the format of this product to a tube.

Made right here in Ontario, Canada, by Thentix International, THENTIX   A Touch of HoneyTM Skin Conditioner is a natural product that moisturizes and soothes dry, itchy skin. Thentix can be a blessing for individuals dealing with:

 Abrasions                               Acne                                        Allergic Rash

Athlete’s Foot                          Bruises                                     Chapped Lips

Chemo Hand-Foot Syndrome Cradle Cap                              Diaper Rash

Eczema                                    Hives                                       Insect Bites

Poison Ivy                                 Psoriasis                                  Radiation Burns

Razor Burns                             Rough, Dry Hands                   Shingles

Sunburn                                   Windburn                                Radiation Burns

THENTIXTM is made from a variety of natural including: Ginseng, Aloe Vera, Royal Jelly, numerous plant extracts and, of course, pure honey. You can apply ThentixTM liberally from head-to-toe, by gently massaging it into your skin as often as needed.

Whether you are on vacation or enjoying your own backyard, exposure to too much sun can happen before you know it. But there’s no need to suffer with sunburn pain; Thentix A Touch of Honey Skin Conditioner helps! Full of natural ingredients, Thentix Skin Conditioner soothes sunburn pain fast and reduces the itchiness associated with healing:

HONEY is used to plump up the skin cells, allowing them to draw and retain moisture. (Honey has been used for centuries to treat wounds, cuts and sores.)

ROYAL JELLY & ALOE VERA are used to treat the top layers of skin that are easily damaged by harsh climate and the elements. Royal Jelly contains all the B-complex vitamins including amino acids – RNA and DNA … the genetic code that is referred to as the building blocks of life. Aloe Vera has over 200 biologically active agents which are found to have great healing and scar reducing properties.

VITAMINS A and E are used to accelerate healing and reduce sun damage to the skin and helps reduce facial wrinkling.

JOJOBA and AVOCADO OILS are highly penetrating and very good for toning the skin. They are similar to our natural sebum and help in balancing skin oils.

GINSENG EXTRA increases the circulation by oxygenating the skin cells.

SUNFLOWER OIL is added to help protect inflamed and damaged skin. It has remarkable anti-aging properties.

CALENDULA is extracted from the Marigold flower and has natural antiseptic benefits

CHAMOMILE is a natural softening agent for rough, dry skin. It is known for its sedative and emollient qualities.

Thentix Skin Conditioner is the perfect “After Sun,” head-to-toe moisturizer. For sun damaged hair, try Thentix Shampoo and Hair Conditioner. Together, these salon-quality, 99% plant-based products calm “the frizzies” — gently nourishing and adding moisture to your hair.

Thentix Skin Conditioner: Pets Need Skin Care too!

 Thentix and Pets

Skin irritations, scratching, itching, insect bites and more … Thentix A Touch of HoneyTM is the answer for the treatment of a wide variety of equine-, cattle- and pet-related dry skin conditions. Honey has been used for centuries as a dressing for battle wounds and when mixed with many other natural ingredients, Thentix works wonders on:

  • Flea and Insect Bites
  • Sunburned Noses
  • Dry, flaky Skin
  • Cuts and Scratches
  • Allergic Rashes
  • Hair Loss Problems
  • Soft Pad Abrasions
  • Utter irritations